Start Strong: Create a Profitable Client Onboarding Process at Your Agency

Karl Sakas
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Client onboarding makes—or breaks—your agency's client relationships. And poor onboarding contributes to low profit margins, client dissatisfaction, and team stress.

Fortunately, there's a better way! You can be systematic and proactive during client onboarding, rather than "making it up" every time.

Part of it's having the right software tools. But client onboarding starts with having the right strategy and tactics—and that's what you'll get in this on-demand training!

During this one-hour training, you'll learn:

  • What to include (and exclude!) in your client onboarding process, if you want things to go smoothly.
  • Why agencies struggle with client onboarding, and 3 things you must include to create a profitable onboarding process.
  • How to save time (through automation) during onboarding... and when to avoid automation (for a warmer client experience).

When agencies talk about challenges in client onboarding, I often hear excuses around "We don't have time to overhaul our onboarding process; we're too busy with our current clients."

That's understandable. But if you're like most agencies, you have some extra capacity right now. In addition to investing in self-marketing, now's the time to invest in improving your processes... and Client Onboarding is a critical process. Get the training, to get started today!

  • You'll get

  • Video (MP4)
    65 minutes
  • Slides (PDF)
    27 slides
  • You'll get
  • Video (MP4)65 minutes
  • Slides (PDF)27 slides
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Start Strong: Create a Profitable Client Onboarding Process at Your Agency

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